My Road to Teaching (is Paved w. Good Intentions…)


So lets start at the semi-beginning. I wrote down somewhere that I want to “inspire people” for a living. Great. That limits my options. And then, one day I thought intensely about my lack of inspiration and started to long for the days of my academic past and the high school history teacher I still remember so well (and had a dream about recently, no details for you all on that one!) And somehow the idea of teaching started to sound brilliant. And somehow, history was the only option. After all, it couldn’t be that different than Art History right? (Ha!) So after I made the decision, I started looking for programs and realized w/o history credit in college I will have to take the state social studies exam that covers everything that has happened in the world at large from before time to the present and US Government, and Econ. That’s all?  Oh, and some psychology and sociology for good measure. But, once I pass the exam this January, I will find my way to a program and  be in the classroom by next August.

I have 5 areas or “domains” that the TeXes exam covers. These are broken down into competencies, of which there are 23. I have 30 weeks until the test. What’s the best way to tackle them? If I do one week per competency, if that’s even possible, I would finish 7 weeks early. If I do one domain per 5 weeks, I just get in by the deadline. Should I study 1 comp per week   and then pick up the pieces and test myself after I finish them all? I’ve pasted the domains and competencies below. Tell me what you think.

Domain                  Competency
I World History    001 Ancient World Civ.
I World History    002 World 476 AD-1350
I World History    003 World 1350-1815
I World History    004 World 1815-Present
II US History    005 Exploration/Colonization
II US History    006 Revolutionary Era
II US History    007 Expansion/Civil War
II US History    008 US as World Power
II US History    009 Pol/Eco/Soc 1877-Present
III Geography/Culture/Soc Sci    010 Physical Geography
III Geography/Culture/Soc Sci    011 Cultural and Human Geo
III Geography/Culture/Soc Sci    012 Humans and environment
III Geography/Culture/Soc Sci    013 Soc/Anth/Psych
IV Government and Citizens    014 Democratic Govt
IV Government and Citizens    015 Citizenship and Pol. Process
IV Government and Citizens    016 Types of Pol. Systems
V Econ and Sci/Tech/Society    017 Econ Systems/Concepts
V Econ and Sci/Tech/Society    018 Free Enterprise System
V Econ and Sci/Tech/Society    019 Sci/Tech/Soci
VI Soc St Foundations/Skills    020 Soc St Foundations/Skills
VI Soc St Foundations/Skills    021 Sources of Soc Info
VI Soc St Foundations/Skills    022 Soc St. Research
VI Soc St Foundations/Skills    023 Soc Instruction/Assessment

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  1. Hey there, Beautiful and Brainy —

    I’ve got to say that when you set your sight on a project to tackle, you seem to thrive on as big a challenge as is still conveivable, and the above itenerary is definitely challenging but something I can see you completing with aplomb. I am applying herewith for job as head cheerleader as I know that you will be so great as a history teacher and that you will feel such a sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed this material and passed the state test.

    So, Rah, Rah, Sis Coom Bah, We know the litle Texan can do the job! Go Texan Veronica! Yey!

    Love you!!

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